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Knowledge is a great power and the more you possess, more the powerful you become.  As a continuous learning initiative for our GSN members and their families, we will be having a year round schdeuled calendar of several learning and development programs, masterclasses, seminars and workshops.  These programs will be online as well as offline, depending on the subject and interest of members.  

Online Learning

online seminars

We have planned a robust schedule of various online seminars which members can book a slot for and attend the Seminars with no fees or commercials attached.  All the online seminars will be absolutely complimentary for our Network members, families, employees and friends. 

Important topics which will be covered in these seminars will be in the categories of:

  • Personal Development

  • Leadership and Motivation

  • Image enhancement

  • Language Skills

  • Communication Skills

  • Technology and Social Media

  • Artificial Intelligence utilities

  • Traditions and Culture building

  • People Management Skills

And many more..

skill development

A detailed calendar of programs to enhance various skills will be programmed for members, families, employees and friends.  These will be mostly online and certain programs can be offline based on the topic and interest of members.  Important and interesting subjects will be covered in this skill development program like:

  • Artistic Skills

  • Culinary Skills

  • Musical Skills

  • Sports (indoor & outdoor)

  • Income generating skills

  • Hair, makeup & Personal Grooming

  • Fashion Design 

  • Jewellery Design

  • Home Improvement

  • Health & Wellness

  • And many more...

Painting Pottery
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