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Global Sindhi Network membership comes with a premium access to quarterly high-end entertainment programs, specially curated for our Members, Families & Guests to give a purpose for connecting socially with members and providing platform to budding artists, celebrity artists and other entertainment forms to showcase their talent to our community.  Each member will have complimentary access to specially curated 4 entertainment programs a year, which will be completely free of cost for members.  Member can buy additional tikets/passes to the program for family and friends as per their convenince.

Concert Crowd


Musical Concerts, Entertainment programs, Theatre and Plays, Dance Nights, Standup Comedy evenings, Classical and Semi Classical acts, Ghazal Nights and many such high-end entertainment programs presented by A-list artists and performers of Bollywood & Global genres shall be curated for our Members throughout the year.  These programs will be totally complimentary and no fees will be charged to our members for the same. 

Members can RSVP and block their seats as and when the programs are announced on the system.


As a socially and culturally responsible community, we will be arranging and organizing celebration of our popular Sindhi and Hindu festivals, traditions and more... 

Festivals like Holi, Diwali, Padva (Cheti Chand), Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri and many such amazing celebrations are planned to have a purpose to meet and enjoy our rich heritage, culture and traditions

Festival Celebration


Being active and fit is a must for all age groups and this has inspired us to curate amazing sports events for our members, families and guests.  These activities will be aimed at having fun-filled Sports day for our members, where popular sports and competitions, matches, championships, leagues etc will be curated and organized in each city where we have our GSN circles established. 

A detailed calendar of the same will also be announced in advance for members to participate and network with other members in such events. 

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