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At Global Sindhi Network, we have planned a detailed calendar of various activities, programs etc which will ensure abundant engaging and fun-filled collaboration, business networking, partnerships and social engagement between esteemed members and their families. 

Our programs are designed keeping in mind the overall impact on promoting and preserving our great Sindhi Culture, Traditions and also imbibe this learning to the newer generations with a modern approach which they like to indulge and engage in. 

Our beloved Sindhi Language and Festivals are slowly becoming extinct as western culture habits and modernization has taken over the generation, which feels embarassed when spoken in Sindhi or made to experience our cultural festivals.  We are out to change this in a very subtle and acceptable way, adding a modern touch to everything what we do to promote our traditions and culture. 

Here are some of our regular engaging activities planned for the community. 


Monthly Meets

A monthly meeting will be scheduled on a pre-announced evening, preferably on a saturday for members to meet informally and network freely.  This meeting will enable active participation of members, their family members, guests and also have structured agenda to help grow the cultural influence of our community in Sindhis.

These meetings will be held in a "4 star" and above category hotel, with a well designed stage to enable effective networking within the members.  Two to Three members will get a presentation slot to showcase their business, products and services to grow their venture with the active help of our community. We will also help members showcase their products during the meeting in a small expo section which will be pre-booked by desiring members.  This will help upcoming business to gain publicity, mileage and business from the community

social program

As a responsible community, we will be having a detailed social responsibility program schedule which will help the under-privileged segments of the society.  We will involve and engage the younger generation from our Members' families to come forward and give their time & expertise to help the society at large.  This will bring in a sense of achievement and humility in the youngsters, thereby encouraging them to come closer to our culture and traditions. Social impact activities will be designed to support education, gender equality, healthcare and environmental work with the active help of our global community

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